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Supergirl Season 4 Ep.2-3 – Oh Wow, I really like Nia[Review]

The wonderful parallel of the Agent of liberty and the current rise of bigotry and racism today is great. It’s incredibly heavy handed, but the messages are solid. Of these two episodes, I really want to talk about two characters, this being Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) and Nia Nal (Nicole Maines). Nal’s journey of confidence…

Site update : Summer 2021

Hello my dear readers. All four of you. Ah wait, ok we went down a bit. Two of you. I appreciate all two of you. So I’ve been a bit absent from this blog and I’m sorry about that. With work and school, and other projects outside of this blog, I have been very busy.…

Batwoman Takes Down Victor Zsaz [Review]

In this episode, Ryan Wilder(Javicia Leslie) doesn’t hit the audience with any sort of emotional/ social messages. She just sort of gets her life in order : mainly getting a suit that’s more her style and  getting a job to have an alibi. While I felt that her fight scenes were as lackluster as last…

It’s Ryan v.s. Alice in The New Episode of Batwoman [Review]

People always look at destiny as a sort of end all be all to their own careers, lives, and problems. But the world is built on circumstance and opportunity – both of these allowing Ryan Wilder(Javicia Leslie) to pick up the mantel of the Bat and defend the city in this latest episode of Batwoman.…

A New Hero Arrives In Batwoman’s Season 2 Premiere

An explosion, something that struck the moment that Javicia Leslie was first announced as Gotham’s newest hero, was the opening scene of season two of Batwoman. Similar to the high pressure and expanse of said ‘kaboom’, people’s own expectations rode on the wave of scandale, excitement, and possibilities of what this meant for this Dc…


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